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European Commission Recognises Young Impact Efforts!

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april 29th, 2024

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The Young Impact team, as advocates for youth empowerment, has received recognition from the European Commission for its inspiring work in the field of mental health. The commendation comes as mental health takes center stage nationally during the first week of June, with Young Impact dedicated to highlighting the issue in a unique manner during its Impact Night on Tuesday, June 4, 2024!

The organization’s efforts to address mental health, especially among Young Professionals, have garnered attention from major corporations like ABN AMRO, SNS , Rabobank and Young itself among others. Together with these companies we are generously offering the Impact Night as a gift to our young professionals, recognizing the importance of inspiring and supporting mental well-being in our workplaces.

Collaborating with organizations such as Nationale-Nederlanden, WWF, and Unicef, Young Impact is creating an Impact Zone aimed at activating visitors and fostering connections among young professionals via networking sessions. Matthijs and Wendy, the driving forces behind Young Impact, have expressed to us their pride in the collaboration with Nationale-Nederlanden to promote better mental health among young people. This partnership shows the shared commitment of raising awareness, breaking stigmas, and driving positive change in the mental well-being landscape.

As sponsors of the event, Nationale-Nederlanden joins Young Impact in celebrating this achievement and reaffirming their dedication to initiatives that empower youth and cultivate a healthier mental future!

For those eager to be part of this transformative event, tickets are available for purchase online. Join Young Impact and its partners as we continue to make strides in championing mental health and empowering young people to create meaningful change in their communities!

All we will say is, make sure you stay tuned!

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