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Asomdwee Fie – Peace Home


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Young Redactie


juni 27th, 2022

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For us, entrepreneurship is also giving back to society. Therefore, one of our goals is to sponsor several projects every year. Entrepreneurship with the goal of doing something good. Asomdwee Fie – Peace Home is one such non-profit project for youth with disabilities in Busua, Ghana

The Peace Home day center aims to give them the opportunity to develop on their own through appropriate therapies and activities, also involving family members and the community. Peace Home is still completely under construction, and every day we get a little closer to growing it. 

The latest milestone? A drainage system that collects rainwater so that it can be (re)used!

We are proud to support such a beautiful initiative. Thank you for this beautiful photo by initiators Shalu Wahlers, Sarah Pols and Holly Visser!

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