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Record-Breaking Success at Young Impact Day and Impact Night 2024!

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juni 5th, 2024

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Last night, on June 4, 2024, Rotterdam Ahoy was electrified ⚡️ by the participation of 25,000 young people and young adults at Young Impact Night 2024. The musical event organized by Young Impact, saw a doubling of venue capacity, as the youth gathered to champion crucial social themes.

Throughout the day, over 100,000 youths engaged with social themes promoting impactful positive actions all across the Netherlands. Highlights included the sending of 75,000 positive messages, deletion of 60,000 old emails for environmental benefits, and making of 15,000 statements for peace. The energy peaked with 10,000 attendees sprinting to the entrance, 8,000 compliments distributed, and the distribution of 6,000 bags of flower seeds, resulting in over a million new flowers. Additionally, 1,000 meaningful conversations between unlikely pairs were sparked, and 200 clothing items were repaired for sustainability right at the Impact Zone in Rotterdam Ahoy.

Fourteen national and international artists delivered heartfelt speeches, inspiring a full Ahoy audience with their stories of peaks and valleys. The collective actions of the attendees also extended to schoolyard greening, toy collection, and elderly visits, where the dutch youth was able to surf the wave of impact.

As proud partners and investors, we were thrilled to witness the incredible impact and enthusiasm generated by Young Impact Night. This event not only highlighted the power of youth in championing social causes but also reaffirmed our commitment to supporting initiatives that foster positive change. We look forward to continuing our partnership and driving further success in the future.


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