The Grand Opening at Golden Stork Hostel

“A special mention to our partners and investors YOUNG for their belief in our vision. Your unwavering support has served as the backbone of our progress, inspiring us to navigate forward with unwavering resolve and determination.”

Konstantina Alexopoulou

(Marketing Manager at The Golden Stork)


Last Friday, our team had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of the Petals and Pals restaurant inside the Golden Stork Hostel (Rijswijk, The Hague). This evening  not only marked a significant milestone for the hostel but also presented a delightful opportunity for us to extend our support and fortify our partnership.



The founders’ love for backpacking adventures inspired them to open the hostel, which is reflected in its motto: “More Than Just a Place to Sleep.” Indeed, the Golden Stork is envisioned as a hub where travellers converge, exchange, and form lasting connections whereas they are visiting the Netherlands or temporarily staying.

The restaurant is thought to be a welcoming space for people of Rijswijk to enjoy nice food and drinks alongside friends while creating unforgettable memories. This was seen in the atmosphere of the event, which perfectly transmitted the commitment of The Golden Stork to uplift the community of Rijswijk and give back to their people by renovating  a space designed to  enjoy some  time with colleagues and friends, before, after,  or during work. 



The Young team joined the community of Rijswijk and undeniably enjoyed a newly designed bar serving different kinds of beverages including a local dutch beer. Their renovated kitchen provided the guests with delicious platters of snacks all throughout the evening, setting their standards high for their newly designed diner and restaurant area.  From the moment the event started, the warm environment made us feel at home. We are happy for the endorsement of our partnership. 


Meanwhile, the photo booth corner became a hotspot for capturing funny moments of laughter and joy; here is a cheeky picture of Marcel and Dennis (the guys behind TGH)!



It was an experience that resonated deeply with our team, reaffirming our commitment to invest in initiatives that represent the spirit of innovation.

We were happy to be part of the grand opening and we are looking forward to our visit next time!



@2024 Young Venture Group