Unite, Disrupt and Have Fun: Kingsday at YoungStudio

Young’s Vibrant Kingsday Celebration: Uniting Fun and Festivity 

At Young, we believe in celebrating moments that bring joy, unity, and a touch of Dutch heritage to our workspace. This year’s Kingsday festivities were no exception as we transformed our office into a colorful playground of delicious drinks, snacks and boundless fun.

The spirit of Kingsday, with its vibrant orange hues and festive atmosphere, filled corners of our workspace in The Hague, showing the lively spirit of the Dutch royal celebration.

We introduced all new employees and interns, and made a quick wrap up of the upcoming weeks and events, about which we are very excited for. 



It was time to raise a toast to camaraderie and shared success. Our office bar served up a delightful array of drinks like the refreshing Aperol Sprizz with a Dutch twist. The clinking of glasses, cheerful conversations and good music echoed the sense of community that defines Young.

Beyond the fun and festivities, Kingsday at Young was a reminder of our values of inclusivity and togetherness. Colleagues from diverse backgrounds came together to celebrate a cherished Dutch tradition, bridging cultures and creating lasting memories.

The laughter, the cheers and the shared experiences of Kingsday at Young embody our dynamic workplace culture, where work and play harmonize to create a vibrant and fulfilling environment.

As we reflect on this memorable celebration, we look forward to more moments of joy, collaboration and unity at Young. Here’s to embracing traditions, fostering connections, and creating a workspace where every day feels like a celebration of success and community!


@2024 Young Venture Group