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Work at YOUNG: Jobs of the month – April

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april 29th, 2024

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Young Asset Management, founded in 2020, is a dutch leading real estate agency in the Hague. With a wide range of remarkable and well-maintained rentals, Young Asset Management tackles the challenges of the real estate market with passion and professionalism every day. If you are driven and have a proactive attitude, you might be a perfect fit for two of our following job positions!

Financial Administrative Real Estate 

As a Financial Administrative Employee in Real Estate, you will play a crucial role in managing financial processes, maintaining accurate records and supporting overall financial operations within our real estate portfolio. Your keen attention to detail and effective communication skills enable you to cooperate seamlessly with tenants, suppliers, and financial institutions.

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Commercial Rental and Management

As an Commercial Rental and Management employee, you will be responsible for managing the overall rental process, real estate management and working on marketing strategies to attract customers. Consumer satisfaction is very important for our Young assets management team, which is why you will be offering expert guidance, giving professional advice and maintaining the relationship with tenants.

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Investment activities manager

Young is a private investor and thrives on tackling challenging ventures, reinvesting profits and sales proceeds such as

providing support to nurture the growth of new and existing companies. Our ventures span across sectors like real estate and media, driven by our passion for entrepreneurship!

As an Investment activities manager you will have a very powerful position in between all relations, organizations, management, stakeholders and processes.

Since you gained up to 3 years experience, we are trusting you with being  responsible for keeping an overall overview, setting priorities and representing the company to external parties such as contract negotiations. You will be the face of the company. Sounds exciting, right ?

Are you courageous enough to face this exciting journey?

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