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Young Media represents VG Visie at Provada 2024

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juni 19th, 2024

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Last week, our team had the incredible opportunity to attend Provada 2024 in Amsterdam. It was an experience that left us enriched and inspired by the vibrant world of real estate.

From the moment we stepped in, the energy was incredible. Our attention was immediately caught by diversity. It wasn’t just about suits and ties; it was about building a community of support and collaboration. Being able to meet like-minded individuals who are just as passionate about their work as we are, was a chance to share our ideas, learn from others, and see firsthand the exciting developments happening around us. Each exchange added a new layer to our understanding of the real estate industry and new ideas for the future.


While walking through the hall, you could see how much effort was put into organisation and design. On each corner you were able to try delicious and fancy drinks and a variety of finger-food. The program of the day was filled with many engaging speeches, interviews and presentations. One presentation that truly stood out was titled “100 Most Inspiring Concepts of 2024”, which offered a glimpse into cutting-edge innovations and forward-thinking strategies reshaping the real estate landscape. From revolutionary designs to groundbreaking technologies, each concept challenged us to think outside the box and get truly inspired.



The highlight of this day was the visit of Young Medias stand of VG Visie. At the stand, VG Visie unveiled their new summer magazines, showcasing cutting-edge content that resonated with our team’s passion for staying updated of real estate industry trends and innovations. However, what made the visit truly memorable was the opportunity to witness Annemarie van Gerrevink, the Managing Director of Young Media, being interviewed. She shared inspiring insights into her entrepreneurial journey and how she navigates the balance between professional success and private life.

As we reflect on our Provada adventure, we’re energized by the possibilities ahead. The event has equipped us with fresh perspectives and renewed determination to tackle challenges head-on.


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