Young REI Celebrates Milestones: Time-record Transformation at Zeestraat 100 Office Spaces

In a significant stride towards their mission of redefining workspaces, Young Real Estate Investment (Young REI) proudly announces the completion of another phase in the revitalization of their flagship property, Zeestraat 100, situated in the heart of The Hague’s vibrant landscape.

This week marked the culmination of meticulous efforts as Young REI celebrates the transformation of yet another office floor, bringing the total tally of renovated independent office rooms to over 60. Aptly dubbed “Het Zeekwartier,” the building now stands as a beacon of modernity and functionality in the local real estate scene.





At the helm of this achievement lies a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation. Each office room, thoughtfully refurbished, offers a blend of contemporary design and functionality tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. From spacious layouts to furnished meeting rooms, pantries, and panoramic balconies, every aspect has been carefully curated to foster productivity and collaboration.

The crowning jewel atop Zeestraat 100 boasts 14 rooms of varying sizes, complemented by a furnished meeting space and a balcony offering panoramic views of Javastraat. Among these, the coveted ‘corner office’ stands out, promising occupants a privileged vista to inspire creativity and focus.





Speaking on this milestone, Young REI’s spokesperson expressed profound gratitude to the dedicated team and collaborative partners whose efforts have been instrumental in realizing this vision. From constructors to interior advisors, tenants, and investors, each stakeholder has played a pivotal role in the journey thus far.

As Young REI continues to pave the way for innovative workspace solutions, they extend an invitation to businesses seeking a ready-to-move-in office space. With a fixed monthly price model, tenants can embrace the opportunity to thrive in a dynamic environment tailored to their needs.

To learn more about securing your spot in the revamped Zeestraat 100 or to schedule a viewing, interested parties are encouraged to contact Young REI at 070-2211200 or


In the wake of this milestone achievement, Young REI reaffirms its commitment to reshaping the real estate landscape, one innovative project at a time.




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