We are Young

We’re an unusual collective of fearless yet down-to-earth companies, driven to break barriers and forge new paths in established markets, together with like-minded disruptors filled with unconventional ideas, fresh perspectives, and a strong desire to impact the future. Because, they believe they can do better. And, will do better. Just like us.

We are..


We believe true success comes from forging your own path, embracing originality, and thinking differently. This generates unexpected outcomes, unlocks new possibilities, fuels exponential growth, and sparks valuable innovations for all stakeholders involved.


We bravely take on challenges and see setbacks as chances to grow. Fear plays no role in our journey; we navigate the unknown with confidence and pride. Our motivation doesn’t stem from elite education or fancy certificates; it’s grounded in hands-on experience and learning by doing. Through our bold actions, we tackle challenges and discover potential that others might overlook.

Down to earth

We are grounded, down-to-earth realists who avoid letting impractical dreams cloud our vision. We make intelligent, rational decisions and stay realistic about our goals. We never let wealth or fame go to our heads. This approach allows us to maintain a clear, critical view of each situation and determine the most effective way to achieve results.

What we do


Being visionary business founders with an unstoppable drive to innovate and improve, we carefully identify market opportunities that are ready for disruption and align forward-thinking entrepreneurs who have the potential to make this possible. However, instead of just providing them with investments, we believe in the power of co-venturing to maximise results. That’s why we team up, unite our forces, and embrace every promising dream like one of our own.

Whether it’s in real estate, hospitality or media publishing; At Young, we’re at home in various markets, as long as we keep trusting our own guts and empowering our entire team to do the same. Because together we can make the impossible possible; Go beyond business as usual; And show the world what bold entrepreneurship can do.

“No guts, no business”.

Our story

A Young start

Our founder, Wim de Young, born in 1982 in The Hague, demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit early on. From selling coffee at the age of 12 to organising big events and running a successful catering business for students, Wim learned the tricks of the trade in various markets.

While traditional education wasn’t his strongest suit, Wim excelled in entrepreneurship and continued to grow in experience and expertise over the years. A great turning point in his career was when Wim wisely invested his savings in real estate, unleashing his fearless approach to venturing into new territories. This was the start of a new era: Young.

Not your ordinary venture group

With a dedicated team of over 25 employees, Wim and his team continued to showcase the power of strategic entrepreneurship in real estate. However, as our company grew and different market opportunities emerged, we realized the need for reorganization. This led to a repositioning and the establishment of separate entities under the umbrella of Young, each with its own dedicated co-founder. This change had a significant impact on us, making us realize that we are an investment group, but definitely not an ordinary one…

Unite to disrupt

Today, we feel the great benefits of working together as co-founders and empowering each other, as we believe together we can and will achieve groundbreaking results. As long as we keep trusting our own instincts and keep a cool head, no matter what happens. This way, we can make the impossible possible, go beyond business as usual, and show the world what bold entrepreneurship can do.


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