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The success of the entire Young group is thanks to all the people who put in the effort, from our co- founders to subcontractors and dedicated partners. But it’s our core team at Young who are the real driving force behind everything. Let’s introduce them one by one.”


Wim de Jong

Wim de Jong (born: 1982) is the founder and owner of Young. Wim is the dealmaker, the strategist and the seasoned entrepreneur. His confidence and intuitive decision-making is his signature trait; a testament to Young´s mission with his keen eye for potential. To Wim, money isn´t just a currency, it’s the rocket fuel to ideas. Wim empowers the thrills of new beginnings, the chance to take calculated risks. “I see every challenge as an opportunity waiting to be seized,” shared Wim. “With each venture, I feel like a kid on Christmas day. Excited for something new, and ready to make it work. I like to turn visions into shared realities.”

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Junjie de Graafff

Junjie de Graaff (born: 1997), our COO dynamo, isn’t your typical suit-and-tie exec. He’s the force behind our operational finesse at Young, blending his tech-savvy background, growth strategies, and knack for process optimization to ignite our brand and ventures.

With relentless drive, Junjie fuels our growth ambitions, turning challenges into stepping stones for success. His radar for opportunity and inventive solutions keeps Young on the cutting edge. But it’s not just about profits; Junjie’s all about building bridges and fostering sustainable growth.


Chief Financial Officer

Melanie Joubert

Melanie Joubert (Born: 1984), our CFO, is the financial and analytical leader. Melanie doesn’t just crunch numbers; she paints the financial future of Young. With a background steeped in corporate finance, controlling, portfolio management, and consulting, Melanie is the mastermind behind Young’s investment strategy. She is always leading towards down-to-earth financial decisions. Melanie is empowered by her passion to decipher businesses through numbers, crafting strategies and creating tangible value for Young.


Investment Associate

Jasper Oosting

Jasper (Born: 1998), our Investment Associate, thrives on refining strategies and enhancing Young financial outlook. Jasper finds his power on fresh perspectives for financial management and private equity. His passion lies in hands-on learning and connecting with people to craft strategies that add value and empower others. With a background in strategic management and finance, Jasper becomes a dynamic force for Young’s financial disruption.


Brand Manager

Angela Quevedo

Angela Quevedo (Born: 2003), our Brand Manager, is a visionary strategist with a fiery passion for creative content, branding, and marketing. Angela brings youthful energy and fresh perspectives to her role. Her mission at Young? To intricately weave her communication and media savvy into the very fabric of Young’s narrative. Angela’s dedication lies in embedding Young in the hearts and minds of all, propelling our brand image forward with unparalleled energy. She draws her power from lightning-fast adaptability, an unmatched innovative spirit, and Young’s commitment to disrupt.


Management assistent

Demi van der Stelt

Demi van der Stelt (Born: ), our Management Assistant, is the warm welcome that greets everyone who walks through our doors. She’s the embodiment of a memorable first impression. But Demi’s role goes far beyond a friendly smile. She’s the engine that keeps our operations running seamlessly. Handling everything with meticulous attention to detail, Demi ensures Young functions like a clockwork. Demi doesn’t just react; she anticipates, making her essential. What drives Demi is the electric energy of Young, where we believe the sky’s the limit.


Dedicated partners

In addition to our permanent team, we work with a extern team of partners. From lawyers, tax specialists, accountants, acquisition specialists to brand strategists and IT specialists


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