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Young thrives because of our exceptional team – not just our management, but also ourvisionary co-founders who fuel our success. Get ready to meet some of the dynamic disruptors powering the Young family forward


“If you can’t beat them. Join us”

Co-founder  – Nanne Veenstra speaking

Young REI

With Young REI, we transform existing real estate and invest in obsolete sites to breathe new life into them.

As co-founder, I experience a lot of trust and freedom of movement. If the stated ambitions lead to results, YVG is prepared to invest heavily in further growth. This allows us to move towards our goal faster than if we had to finance it from our own resources alone.

I get a lot of energy from setting up and expanding the company. What started as an initiative of YVG and me has, within a year, led to a club of ten ambitious professionals working every day to create beautiful things. We started out as a challenger in a heated real estate market, but through our focus, approach and acquisitions we have now established ourselves as a new investor in the region and beyond.

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Several times annually, Young hosts a range of events where our vibrant network can mingle, share insights, and collaborate. These events aren’t just about swapping business cards – they’re about finding inspiration and enjoying ourselves.


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Not officially part of Young yet? We’d like to invite you into our talent pool. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore whether we share the same entrepreneurial spirit and could potentially shake up markets together. Join us now and start to impact your future


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