Young Venture Group is making great strides with Young Impact

A unique organization

We are thrilled to inform you that Young Venture Group is embarking on an exciting partnership with Young Impact, igniting their enthusiasm for positive change. Young Impact is a distinctive organisation dedicated to empowering young individuals by equipping them with the necessary resources and opportunities to create a significant and positive impact on our world.

Power of the youth

Young Impact, a foundation that turns youthful energy and passion into societal impact, travels across the country inspiring young people to take action on issues that matter to them. Whether it’s climate, society, diversity, equal opportunities, or health, Young Impact encourages young people to get involved and make their voices heard. At Young Impact, it’s all about promoting positive change. Hosting free events and activities and offering a platform for young people to make more impact are just some of the ways the organisation spurs young people into action. Young Venture Group is a proud partner of Young Impact, an organization that fits in seamlessly with the company’s vision.

Partnership for societal impact

The partnership between Young Venture Group and Young Impact is a significant milestone in our joint mission to make the world a better place. As a partner of Young Impact, Young Venture Group will significantly increase its societal impact and contribute to this valuable initiative.


Supporting young changemakers

The collaboration allows Young Venture Group to support Young Impact’s young changemakers in various ways. Through advice and tips from impact coaches via Whatsapp, assistance in preparing their action, and even contributing to the costs of their action up to € 1000, this partnership enables us to support these young leaders on their path to positive change.

Together we stand stronger

With the partnership between Young Venture Group and Young Impact, we are taking a significant step forward in our mission to improve the world. We are excited about the positive changes this collaboration will bring and look forward to the many inspiring stories and successes that are yet to come.

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