The venture capital funds for the AFAS Young Business Award have been announced

Impressive investment pool

As the world of entrepreneurship braces for a period full of opportunities, the unveiling of the Venture Capital funds that are part of the AFAS Young Business Award announces an era of extraordinary possibilities. With an impressive investment pool of more than 2 billion euros, national and international investors are eagerly anticipating meetings with the winners and finalists of this prestigious competition. 

The grand stage for Investment opportunities

The starting blocks are set, and notable investment funds such as Speedinvest, Notion Capital, Slingshot, Rockstart, Creandum, and Endeit have already indicated they are on the starting line. These funds, collectively responsible for substantial capital, are excited about the possibility of engaging in discussions with the competition’s winners to see how they can further assist the startups and scale-ups.

A unique chance for winners

Niels Palmers, the founder of the AFAS Young Business Award, emphasizes the unique opportunity that this setting offers for the winners. According to him, the chance to sit at the table with such investment funds offers opportunities that are not easily found. But also, the other 12 participants appearing in the television program are not forgotten; they get the opportunity to engage with the investors at an early stage.


Change in approach

The competition format is slightly different this year compared to previous years. Previously, there was an investment pot ready for the winner. This approach has been changed to make it more attractive for both the participants and the investors. The amount of the investment should be the result of negotiations and intensive discussions, and that is precisely what this new format facilitates.

Collaboration with Golden Egg Check

The assembly of the group of investors participating in this competition is handled by Golden Egg Check, a company specializing in bringing together startups, scale-ups, and investors. They have put together an excellent list, primarily consisting of Dutch funds, but also significant foreign parties are eager to be involved.

The Future of the AFAS Young Business Award

The registration process for the AFAS Young Business Award is currently underway. In September, the top twelve will be selected via a screening, after which the participants will immediately get to know the investors. What’s new this year is that the twelve participants will meet the investors relevant to them before the competition. Additionally, two investors from the pool are added to the jury evaluating the finalists.

With these new elements, the AFAS Young Business Award seems ready to make an even greater impact on the entrepreneurial landscape. The competition is committed to providing startups and scale-ups the best opportunities to grow and succeed in their respective industries.

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