VG Vision and Young Media join forces

VG Visie, the leading Dutch real estate trade magazine has been acquired by Young Venture Group and will now be under the umbrella of Young Media. Erwin Asselman will remain in his position and continue to steer the editorial direction.

According to Erwin Asselman, this acquisition is a great opportunity for VG Visie to further grow and expand: “The connection with Wim felt good right from the start. This collaboration with Young Venture Group provides us with the opportunity to increase our reach, both online and in print, and to focus on new target groups. We are excited to be part of the Young Media family and we look forward to working together on new and exciting projects.”

Wim de Jong from The Young Venture Group: “We are happy to add VG Visie to our portfolio of media activities. VG Visie has built a strong reputation in the real estate sector and we are proud to work with Erwin to further expand this position as a leader in real estate media.”

The acquisition of VG Visie by Young Venture Group is an important milestone for both companies and will pave the way for further growth and expansion for Young Media.

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