Young Media expands its media portfolio with The Post Online

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The first steps in the media landscape have been taken. Young Media is proud to announce that The Post Online and VGVisie are part of this new media house. Young Media focuses on topics such as business, lifestyle, news and special interest. The aim of this cross-media company is to grow into an established Dutch media group that will break through the usual approaches and challenge the market. Young Media is committed to the healthy growth of its media portfolio, with all labels being strong, stand-alone media channels, combining the strengths of the different media brands to create a stronger competitive position together.

The Post Online: Journalistic integrity

At a time when news is often superficial and coloured, The Post Online (TPO) offers a platform characterized by critical reporting. This media channel is aimed at the intelligent, sensible citizen who wants to look beyond sensationalism. It brings journalism neutrally and objectively. Without moralism, without trying to steer the debate in one direction, without influencing opinion, without colouring and steering from a political or ideological agenda. TPO practices journalism in its purest form; all the facts, and only the facts, are presented, regardless of whether they ‘enable polarization’ or displease certain groups. TPO challenges the establishment and is therefore a good addition to Young’s media house.


VGvisie: The city at the centre

VGvisie is the journalistic answer to the growing need to exchange and share knowledge and experiences in the real estate sector. The magazine, which will soon also have a larger footprint online, is a platform where visions, analyses and personal stories come together. These stories come from the decision-makers, managers and entrepreneurs who actually make a difference in the dynamic world of real estate. VGVisie is a complete magazine that provides readers with relevant visions, analyses, trends and stories. VGvisie offers an in-depth look at the future of cities, focusing on living, shopping and working. It brings personal stories and visions of people who are making a difference in the real estate world with their decisiveness, adaptation and guts at the intersection of real estate and entrepreneurship. Quality, innovation and inspiration are always central to this. Core values that are also central to Young, making this label a valuable addition to the media house as well.

The strength of Young

The strategy has been set, the foundations laid, and the starting signal sounded. We are bringing you news. From different angles. News with courage, value and meaning.

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