Samenwerking Young Venture Group en Young Business Award

Young Venture Group and Young Business Award unite forces

These are exciting times in the world of start-ups and scale-ups, especially within the Dutch technology sector. In a market that has always been dominated by innovation and ambition, a new collaboration is set to shake things up even more. Young Venture Group and the Young Business Award (YBA) are joining forces to motivate, support, and elevate a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Partnership for progress

Young Venture Group is thrilled about this new collaboration. “This partnership offers a fantastic opportunity to expand our reach and inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs. Together, we will promote innovative concepts and provide start-ups the chance to grow into scale-ups.” The partnership was warmly welcomed by both parties, who share the ambition to accelerate the growth of technology companies. Niels Palmers, founder and CEO of YBA, also sees great opportunities: “With Young Venture Group at our side, we can help more founders and amplify the impact of the YBA.”

Young Venture Group en Young Business Award verenigen krachten

The driving force behind the entrepreneur

Wim has entrepreneurship in his blood. Starting in 2011, he began to delve into the real estate market, a stepping stone to the founding of Young Venture Group. Through his experience and expertise, he has gained unique insights into the dynamics of business growth and development. “Entrepreneurship is about seeing potential, daring to take risks, and taking action,” says Wim, who will also serve as a jury member in the upcoming YBA competition.

The official kick-off

On September 7th, this collaboration was officially launched during a special dinner event. New partners and participants in the accompanying TV show will also be unveiled. Thomas Nauw, founder and creative director of YBA, has high expectations: “This year, the TV program will be elevated to a new level, and we are greatly looking forward to seeing which inspiring companies will participate.”

A glimpse into the future

YBA and Young Venture Group have big plans. They aim for at least a doubling of the organization within the next two years. “If you want to stay informed about the tech world, you need to be with us,” says Palmers. The future looks bright for this new collaboration and the entrepreneurs who will benefit from it.


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