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Young Venture Group has become a social partner of ADO Den Haag in de Maatschappij

Young Charity is one of our enterprises through which we express our social ambition, namely to give something back to society. Through Young Charity we support several social projects every year, including “ADO Den Haag in de Maatschappij”.

We share the vision of ADO in de Maatschappij that all inhabitants of the Haaglanden region are entitled to and have access to healthy living, education and participation, with which they can take care of their own well-being.Read below the press release that ADO in de Maatschappij recently published.

Wim de Jong - partner ado Den Haag

Young Venture Group has become social partner of ADO Den Haag in de Maatschappij

The foundation is very pleased to connect the, originally “The Hague-based” investment company, Young Venture Group, which will commit itself as a project partner to all ADO Den Haag’s social activities next season. The aim is a long and sustainable cooperation in which not only project support, but also the sharing of knowledge and expertise will be central.

Young Venture Group is an ambitious all-round investor with more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. The YOUNG label includes various companies (including real estate, media, hospitality and financial services), which strengthen each other and can provide business.The CSR-oriented owner Wim de Jong thinks this partnership fits well with his company’s strategy:

” As an entrepreneur and footballer from The Hague, I am delighted to do our bit to help achieve the social objectives of the city’s biggest football club, because at Young Venture Group, doing business and investing in society go hand in hand. We look forward to the realisation of the promising projects of ‘ADO Den Haag in society’ and of course also support the club to get back into the Eredivisie.”

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