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Throwback to Young Business Awards!

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april 24th, 2024

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As we reminisce about the past edition of the Young Business Awards, we anticipate the excitement building for the upcoming edition. In the previous year, four outstanding finalists competed passionately–each already true winners in their field– for the support of the top investor clubs in the Netherlands!

One standout among these contenders was our victor Avy, capturing our attention with their pioneering drone technology. Avy’s focus on using drones for humanitarian purposes, such as delivering medical supplies to remote areas and aiding in emergencies, showcased innovation and entrepreneurship at its finest! They impressed the judges—among these our founder Wim de Jong–with its unusual vision and disruptive airspace technology. Their win highlighted the potential of creative and innovative minds in driving positive change for the world, and this is all the Young Business Awards are all about!

However, there were few tough decision rounds, so let’s not forget about the other three contestants that left us with amazing stories and captivating ideas. While Naduvi brought innovation to the furniture industry, streamlining the supply chain for direct delivery from suppliers to customers, promising both cost savings and environmental benefits; Reliving presented a second-hand furniture platform that tapped into the growing trend of sustainability and conscious consumerism. Meanwhile, Textracer sought to disrupt from the ground-up the fashion world by advocating for transparency and eco-friendly practices in the supply chain. All final contestants were true victors, resonating deeply with our core values of entrepreneurship and disruption.

As we reflect on these past successes, we eagerly anticipate the new edition of the Young Business Awards, where a fresh group of Young entrepreneurs will infuse us with their passion and determination to make a difference in this not so Young world.

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