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Is your company the next Young Start-up?

A new and vibrant ho(s)tel in The Hague

Recently, Young Startups, the Venture Capital label of Young Venture Group, partnered with Urban Hotel The Golden Stork. With this second location at Volmerlaan 7 in Rijswijk, The Golden Stork will be able to welcome 400 guests to its welcoming and lively ho(s)tel. This is exactly what Young Startups stands for: providing financial and strategic support and facilitating innovative, young companies with a view to further growth.

Golden Stork: combining hospitality and affordability

Golden Stork is not just another hostel. Their reputation for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for travellers is second to none. Their new location on Volmerlaan promises to offer the same lively and welcoming atmosphere, but on a grand scale. Guests can stay in dorms or rooms with private facilities. In addition to an overnight stay, guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or drinks in the cosy restaurant and there are facilities available for working and relaxing.

Young Startups

Entrepreneurs with guts

Entrepreneurs with guts are the pioneers who shape the future. They do not choose the easiest path, but the one that makes the most impact. Starting a new business also takes guts. You have the vision, the commitment, but if capital and strategic support is required to purposefully take the right steps to excel the growth of your business, Young Start-ups can help.

Young is about more than business. It is about passion, innovation and the guts to be different. For Young, these entrepreneurs are sources of inspiration where an investment in the business, is also an investment in the future.

Passion, innovation, and courage

It’s more than just doing business. It’s about passion, innovation, and the courage to be different. For Young, these entrepreneurs are a source of inspiration. They remind us of what’s possible when you believe in yourself and chase your dreams, regardless of the obstacles.

The power of innovation and entrepreneurship

In the fast-changing world, innovation is an indispensable element for any business looking to grow. At Young, we understand this like no other. We are committed not only to funding start-ups, but also to cultivating an ecosystem where young entrepreneurs can realise their dreams and bring their ideas to life. The question is: Are you the next entrepreneur to join us in pushing the boundaries of what is possible?

Growing with Young startups

Are you inspired by Golden Stork’s story? Young is actively looking for startups that are ready for their next step. Are you looking for a multidisciplinary partner who can offer your company funding to grow? Find out what Young Startups can do for you. Contact us and who knows, maybe your company will be the next success story! Need more information? Visit

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