deelnemers van de AFAS Young Business Award 2023

These are the 12 participants of the Young Business Award 2023

Innovation. Passion. Sustainability. These keywords that stand out when considering the twelve dynamic participants of the AFAS Young Business Award 2023. From sustainable soap makers to futuristic drone builders, these companies embody the versatility and forward-thinking nature of the Dutch entrepreneurial landscape.

Diversity with a common goal

While the group spans a broad range of industries, clear unifying factors are evident: a deep-rooted commitment to social responsibility and a consciousness about the climate crisis. Marco Aarnink, a jury member and founder of and, emphasised the significance of these themes in today’s world and applauded the diverse representation among participants.

An evening of inspiration

The announcement was not just any event. The AFAS headquarters in Leusden became a hotbed of entrepreneurial energy, complete with dinner, networking opportunities, and stirring words from hosts Lusanne Tehupuring and Constantijn van Oranje. Constantijn emphasised the importance of networking and knowledge-sharing, suggesting the event went beyond just competition.

deelnemers van de AFAS Young Business Award 2023

The impact of the award

The Young Business Award isn’t just a prize; it has the power to pivot a startup’s trajectory. Ives van Hoorne, the founder of CodeSandbox, can attest to the transformative power of this recognition. Post-winning last year, they could expand their network and tap deeper into the Dutch ecosystem.

The 12 participants

  • Broombrush: A recyclable electric toothbrush driven by a sustainability mission.
  • XS2Event: The premier B2B platform for sports event ticket trading.
  • Avy: Zero-emission, autonomous aircraft for humanitarian purposes.
  • Tex Tracer: Innovation in the fashion industry via supply chain transparency.
  • Vertoro: Sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels using agricultural waste streams.
  • Reliving: A marketplace challenging consumption habits by promoting second-hand furniture.
  • In3: Flexible payment solutions alleviating financial stress.
  • Naduvi: Direct-to-consumer furniture platform prioritising sustainability.
  • Vrelax: A novel approach to stress management using VR technology.
  • Valyuut: A platform challenging the throwaway mentality towards electronics.
  • Trunkrs: Sustainable delivery solutions for next-gen e-commerce.
  • Green Soap Company: Sustainability in everyday grooming.

Each of these companies stands for innovation, but perhaps more importantly, for creating impact. They demonstrate that entrepreneurship and social responsibility can go hand in hand. We eagerly await their continued journey in the AFAS Young Business Award 2023.

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