Vastgoed Visie Magazine Summer Edition is live!

Summer is always a time of renewal, refreshment and inspiration. Young Venture Group, in collaboration with VG Vision, is proud to present the brand new Summer Edition. Step into the world of visions, analyses and the most inspiring stories from the city.

A unique collaboration

The renowned real estate magazine VG Visie, known as one of the leading publications in the Netherlands, has been working hard in recent months to release Summer Edition 2023. The result: four beautiful volumes full of knowledge and inspiration, now available to everyone. Young Venture Group acquired the magazine some time ago, giving VG Visie a prominent place under the wings of the Young Media group. Despite this change in ownership, Erwin Asselman continues to play a central role, including in the VG Vision Summer Edition. By joining hands with Young Venture Group, VG Visie’s reach has been significantly increased.

VG Visie Zomer Editie

More than just a magazine

VG Visie is known as the journalistic answer to the growing need to share visions and exchange experiences. It focuses on the heartbeat of our cities, where all visions come together. With a combination of personal stories, in-depth analyses and inspiring interviews, VG Visie offers a unique insight into the dynamics of the urban environment. In addition, VG Visie can now also be listened to in the podcast with Roelof Hemmen.

Quality and innovation

Every article, photo and interview in VG Visie exudes quality. No concessions have been made. This is thanks to the tireless efforts of both Young Venture Group and the VG Visie team, led by publisher and director Erwin Asselman.

Don’t miss it!

The Summer Edition of VG Visie guarantees refreshing insights, innovative ideas and inspiring stories. Don’t miss this essential peer inspiration and immerse yourself in the world of real estate, entrepreneurship and the city. Don’t miss the essential insights from peers in this Summer Edition! Stay up to date? Go to!

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